Personnal use for garden configuration


Do you sometime go for a number 1 in the back of your garden or would you if there was a practical solution in place ?

Do not waste this valuable golden fluid by sprinkling inappropriate surfaces !
Convert your urine into humus instead, by “uritonning” into a small straw bale.
Only about six to ten months are required before spreading this amazing composted manure around the base of your trees and plants.
Raise you friends’ awareness of this simple and essential gesture that respects nature, saves water and upcycles urine !

Family meeting

L’uritonnoir can be installed for celebrations, parties…
There are plenty occasions where we would like to limit the use of the traditional toilet.
For this, the dry Urinal is fixed on a little straw bale and placed in your garden.
Or, with the help of your local  farmer,  the dry Urinal is fixed on a cylinder bale.

Campsite installation

L’uritonnoir can be installed campsites.
If you would like to limit the use of the traditional toilet on your campsite, or if your sanitary buildings are a long way from certain locations, the uritonnoir alternative exist.
For this, with the help of your local  farmer,  the dry Urinals are fixed on Round bales or Big bales.
You can create different configuration to ensure privacy.
At the end of  the season Straw bales can stay where they are, or moved to a compost area.

Collective use for festival configuration

Are you an open-air festival organizer or a sport-event organizer?
Are you wishing to adopt environment-friendly solutions ?
Do you want to do more than ‘standard’ recycling?

L’Uritonnoir is a simple and efficient solution providing sanitation facility to festival fans, and converting urine into compost.
Once it is transformed into humus, it will naturally enrich surrounding soil and plants.
After the round bale is positioned, simply slot into your Uritonnoirs and attach them together with a strap !
Your mission is to raise festival-goers’ awareness of dry urination, water saving and urine upcycling.
Setting Uritonnoirs up will relieve sitting toilets from men’s number 1s, therefore your facility will be kept optimally clean.
You may customize your Uritonnoirs by silkscreen-printing the vertical zone with messages (example : straw+urine = compost) or with your event’s graphic identity.

Once your festival is over, different solutions are available to manage your round-bales soaked with urine :
– Municipal Garden Services transports it towards the closest composting facility and keeps it for horticultural use.
– The round bale stays and composts on-the-spot. Six months later the manure can be used by local farmers.
– The following year, it can be used as a giant planter to be enjoyed by new festival-goers !