Frequently Asked Questions

Why a dry urinal ?

A dry urinal is a tool who use the mix straw (carbon)/urine (nitrogen), the increase of temperature, the bacterium and the soil microfauna to transform our externalities in compost.

The Uritonnoir contributes to a localy-based market garden production without fossil origin fertilizer.

Where can we install Uritonnoirs?

For individual use: in your garden!
For a shared use: family gathering, sport-event, festivals or campsite.

Why a plastic Uritonnoir ?

Uritonnoirs are made in polypropylene (same material as Ecocup®), souple plastic made to absorb shocks and avoid to break in case of fall. The polypropylene offers a sustainable solution. The Uritonnoirs can be reused after cleaning like Ecocups®.

How to define the quantity of Uritonnoirs?

formula for calculating the number of uritonnoirs

Why doesn't a well managed uritonnoir smell?

– Urine which remains in contact with the straw means amoniac and smell reduction.
Then it is important to adapt the quantity of Uritonnoirs and Straw Bales to the number of visitors.
We count a maximum of 60 users per Uritonnoirs for 2-3 days to limit the risk of smell.
– It is better to maximise the number of Uritonnoirs on a bale to distribute urine all over the straw. Then, it is good to place 1 Uritonnoir per straw linear meter.
– It is advisable to install Uritonnoirs in the shade.
Shadow and grass