Context of use

Individual installation in the backyard

3 straw bales are enough to allow the uritonnoir to be fitted. Over the months, the boots gradually sag. Straw bales in contact with the soil are removed to make compost. We raise the uritonnoir to the right height (70cm for adults) and add a bale of straw at the top.


Installation during private festive events

The uritonnoir can be installed during festive events with family or friends … To complete the toilets in the house, you can also install uritonnoirs in your garden. After the event, the straw bales can be left on site for composting.

Installation in camping and lodging

The uritonnoir can be installed when camping, outdoors or near a lodge. To complete the toilets too far from certain camps, the uritonnoir alternative is relevant. From 3 uritonnoirs, you can choose to install them on large straw bales (Roundballer or Bigballer). A farmer can provide you with these straw bales. At the end of the season, the straw bales can be left on site to be composted or collected by the farmer who will place them on his composting platform.

Installation for tree climbing sites, Via ferrata …

On acrobatic adventure sites, it is sometimes difficult to install collective toilets. The uritonnoir easily responds to this constraint since it does not require any connection to the sewerage network. It is easy to route a few straw bales to the identified location to set up this solution.

Public installation during festive events or sporting events

Uritonnoir can be installed at festive events or outdoor sporting events. The uritonnoir is a relevant solution to complement traditional sanitary equipment. At the end of the festival, the straw bales can remain on site to be composted or be collected by the farmer who will move them to his composting platform.

Festival uritonnoir