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The Uritonnoir turns urine and straw into fertilizers.

The Ekovores in Nantes have come up with the Uritonnoir, an urinal which can be adapted on stacks of straw to recover urine for the production of fertilizers.

The equipment of toilets for outdoor events is always a headache for organizers : water supply, disposal of used waters, assembly and disassembly, sufficient capacity. The Uritonnoir, set up by the Ekovores in Nantes ( Loire- Atlantique) brings an easy, convenient and environmentally friendly solution for men to satisfy this daily need.

The Uritonnoir is a mix of 2 everyday life products, an urinal and a funnel. The urines received in the latter soak the straw and enrich it in nitrogen. The straw decomposes and turns into fertilizer within around 6 months.

Setting it up is simple. The uritonnoir is installed on a straw bale removing or packing the straw on the edges. The height can be defined according to the final users, adults or children. The Uritonnoir is maintained in the straw bale thanks to a strap. For an on-ground installation it is best to put the straw bale in a plastic box to collect possible excess which will be absorbed by the straw by capillarity. The material needs to be washed with a high-pressure cleaner for reuse.

The Uritonnoir can be used in public places during outdoor events. This simple and efficient solution offers festival organizers a dry sanitary service enabling to convert urine into humus on sites where recovery on the spot is easy to implement. Installing Uritonnoirs enable to require seated toilets less and therefore keep them cleaner.

The Uritonnoir can have a domestic use in a garden, in an agricultural farm but its use can also be extended to

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