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Uritonnoir Hellfest

«The Uritonnoir is also a fantastic outdoor event waterless urinal solution.»


Waterless Urinals – With Straw Bales!

French company Faltazi has invented L’Uritonnoir, an ingenious idea which uses specially shaped funnels inserted into the side of straw bales as waterless urinals for outdoor events. The remaining product – urine (nitrogen) and straw (carbon) – can be composted in six to twelve months. A single Uritonnoir looks like a wide funnel with a tapered spike on the end and is either pre-made from stainless steel or folded together from a flat polypropylene sheet. A bale of straw is used as the stand. The spike on the end is inserted into the straw and then secured with a strap that wraps around the entire bale. Depending on the size of the bale, you can add as many Uritonnoirs as you need. The size and number of bales of straw is dependent on the number of patrons and the length of the event. The bales should be sited upon gravel pits which have been dug to 20cm, to ensure no seepage occurs. The width of the straw bales also acts as an odour inhibitor. While the idea appears to be easily replicable, you are highly recommended to use this company’s expertise and experience, as they’ve done the research to ensure that this human waste stream is handled hygienically and safely. www.uritonnoir.com

Uritonnoir Hellfest

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