L’Uritonnoir by Faltazi / Dezeen

This outdoor urinal by French design studio Faltazi slots into a straw bale to recycle pee from festivalgoers into compost.
L’Uritonnoir is a cross between a urinal (“urinoir” in French) and a funnel (“entonnoir”) and was designed by Faltazi as a tidy and eco-friendly method of outdoor sanitation.
To set up a urinal, L’Uritonnoir is pushed into the side of a straw bale and fixed in a place by looping a strap through its top holes.
As the bale collects liquid, nitrogen from urine combines with carbon in the straw and starts a process of decomposition.
After use, the bale can either be taken to a local composting facility or left on the spot for six to 12 months to become compost, before being scattered on the soil or used as a planter.
The urinal comes in two versions – the flat-pack polypropylene DIY model and the stainless steel Deluxe model.
Production starts in June and the Uritonnoir will debut at French heavy metal festival Hellfest that month.
A couple of festival toilets have appeared on Dezeen before – a urinal designed for women and another urinal that straps around tree trunks.
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